2012 01 15: Sun-Dried Tomatoes

This week in Project Vegetable, my goal was to use some (unreasonably and embarrassingly) old sun-dried tomatoes from my pantry. At the grocery store on Monday I bought an eggplant, thinking that there must be delicious recipes out there with eggplant and sun-dried tomatoes.

Hmm. As I typed that I remembered that I thought balsamic vinegar would be a good third ingredient to go with the first two. Oh well, not what I did.

I did a quick google search (thank God for Google) of “sun dried tomato eggplant recipe” and one of the first results was this stuffed baked eggplant. I didn’t follow the recipe exactly; my tomatoes were dry, not packed in oil, I don’t have kosher mozzarella and didn’t want to schlep to buy it so opted to add cheesiness in the form of ricotta, I cooked the veggies in olive oil, I’m not topping it with bread crumbs. And I’m not baking it until Friday.

But I tasted the filling as I was stuffing the eggplant, and it was pretty tasty. I’m looking forward to dinner on Friday.


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