2012 01 08: Spinach Artichoke Dip

This week’s installment of Project Vegetable is short on the healthiness factor, but oh so delicious.

I used this recipe for Spinach Artichoke Dip. I intended to follow the recipe to the letter (any recipe that calls for “a dollop” of any ingredient is worth following precisely), but ended up basically changing the entire thing.


The first thing to go was the mozzarella. I don’t have any at home and wasn’t doing my shopping where I could buy kosher cheese. I’m sure that the dip would be better with it. Cheese makes pretty much anything better.

And then disaster struck.

I was following the directions to soften my cream cheese (as in, I’d started already) when I went to get the jar of artichoke hearts off the shelf. The jar of artichokes was pretty much my reason for making this in the first place. I got the jar, I opened it, and, well…

You know how new jars are supposed to POP when you open them and break the seal?

There was no pop.

The artichoke hearts went in the trash and I substituted hearts of palm. (Another old jar that needed to be used, and this one POPped.)

Then I added the entire package of spinach; I figured I was making enough changes to the recipe that I shouldn’t bother pretending I was following it exactly, and hey, more spinach!

And the verdict:




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