2011 12 11: Tortilla and black bean pie

Week 3: No “new” vegetables here, but a healthy main dish recipe found on pinterest by a good friend.

Don’t be scared by the fact that this recipe comes from Martha Stewart. It’s as easy as can be. And delicious.

Tortilla and black bean pie.

I do have some recommendations for you.

  • The recipe calls for beer or water. I used water and it was plenty tasty.
  • There is a reason the recipe says to make this in a springform pan. Even with the springform pan, I had trouble serving it. I recommend rolling the filling in tortillas and baking them enchilada style in a 9×13 baking dish.
  • Try to have some guests when you serve this, or a family larger than one. I ate this four meals in a row, and while it was delicious, I could have used a break 🙂



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