Just Because 3: get well soon

I mentioned before a period of being rather busy crafting away for a package to send to a friend. RH had emergency surgery about a month ago, and learned after that she had cancer. Last week she had follow-up surgery and was in the hospital for a few days. She also will have a bit of a lengthy recovery period, followed by treatment. She doesn’t live near me, so I can’t visit her, bring her meals, do laundry for her… But I could send her goodies.

I started at my favorite used book store, intending to get a book or two of “chick lit.” I left with four books for her, three books for me, and three DVDs (one for R, 2 for me). This would be a good time to say that I appreciate the flat rate boxes from the post office, because right away four books and the DVD (which is actually a box set of a season of a TV show, so more like 4 DVDs) added up to quite a bit of weight.

Then: a bookmark, necessary when you might not have the energy to focus on, say, an entire book at once.

For snacking once at home: popcorn. 1/4 cup popcorn in a brown paper lunch bag, microwave like commercial microwave popcorn. Did you know that you can print on a brown paper lunch bag? I wish I could remember where I read that to give proper credit.

For aches, pains, etc., in the recovery process (and after), rice sacks that can be heated in the microwave for use as a heating pad or frozen for use as an ice pack. Idea from here.

Tea is generally considered soothing, and I have a very large amount of tea for one who almost never drinks it, so I sent some. For packaging, I made one of these boxes.

I poked around R’s pins on pinterest to find a quote that she likes.

And then I made a softie, though it looked much better as two flat pieces of fabric than it does as sewn together and stuffed.




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