Operation Just Because

**Name in development. Got a better idea for me? Please share!**

A friend of mine gets a kick out of playing the word CWM in Scrabble (and scrabble-knock-offs) as often as she can. In her honor, I broke into my unused Super Scrabble and filched some letters — C, W, and M, if that wasn’t obvious — and made her a set of magnets.*

Just because.

Those are the best gifts, I think. The ones that arrive out of the blue because someone was thinking of you, or saw something in a store that shouted your name. The ones you aren’t expecting, even if there is a event behind the giving of the gift (a new home, recovering from illness).

I’d like to be more attentive to my friends, so I’m setting a goal of surprising one friend a month with a gift of some sort, just because.

*Before you get upset about my brash disregard for the game, you should know: Super Scrabble is obnoxious. Stick with regular Scrabble. Really. And now I have the rest of the letters for other projects.


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