Knitting / Sewing


Those of you who follow me on Twitter (@rebknitz) already know that I had a bit of a field day today. Somehow my simple trip to Churchmouse Yarns and Teas turned into a shopping extravaganza. And of course, there was shopping while I was in Alaska, too. Before I show you my loot, I have … Continue reading


Skirt arghhh

I sort of finished the knit version of the skirt fail from a few weeks ago. Only instead of it being too tight around the hips (and let’s be honest, the butt), it was huge. Plus the zipper was wonky. So I decided that since it’s a knit fabric, it doesn’t need the zipper, and … Continue reading


Skirt fail

I made a skirt. I took a skirt that fits me, folded it in half, traced it, added some for seam allowances, cut out the pattern, cut out two pieces with the pattern, sewed up the waist, sewed up the hem, sewed in an invisible zipper (using this tutorial; it worked perfectly for me), sewed … Continue reading