Knitting / Project Vegetable!


I finished a sock last night. I mean, not completely since I wove in the end at the toe but not at the cast on, but enough to cast on for the second in the pair.

Note: I really hate the first few rounds when using magic loop.

Also note: I keep using the tail instead of the working yarn when I come to the beginning of a round.

Regarding Project Vegetable!

1. I’ve eaten pasta a grand total of ONCE in the last 40 days. At least. I probably shouldn’t have bought it at all on Sunday, but I did, so now I have to work on my self-discipline while it’s in the house.

2. I made delish green beans on Friday. I forgot just how good raw, fresh green beans are because I’m LAZY and generally buy frozen beans because the ends are cut off already. I know, I know. But these were amazing before I cooked them and amazing after I cooked them. Recipe:

Lay green beans in a single-ish layer in a baking dish or on a cookie sheet. (Some overlap is okay, but you don’t want a thick layer.) Splash sesame oil on the beans. Then splash soy sauce on the beans. Then sprinkle sesame seeds and crushed red pepper flakes on the beans. Bake at 400-ish for about 15 minutes. The beans should be wrinkly. Eat hot or cold or at room temperature.



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