Tchotchke making

Simple craft–fail

I had what I thought was a brilliant idea.

I want to use my refrigerator as a white board for shopping lists, but it doesn’t have a smooth surface and thus doesn’t wipe clean. I also have a large picture frame that broke, and thus I have a large piece of glass.

Add some super-strong magnets with super-strong glue, and voila. Right?


I don’t know if the problem was not letting the glue dry long enough or the glass just being too heavy, but the glass and the magnets remained attached to each other only long enough to get from my work surface to the refrigerator. As soon as the magnets came in contact with the fridge door, the glass no longer was in contact with the magnets.

Oh well, I will try again later with a smaller piece of glass. I really didn’t need the entire front of the refrigerator to be write-upon-able.

In other news, I made some roast sweet potatoes this morning (btw? I now have empirical proof that they are better cooked with salt than without) and was reminded that cutting vegetables is a lot easier when I use a halfway decent knife and a cutting board, instead of a cheap knife and a plate. Will this realization help me in Project Vegetable? I hope so.


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