Just a quick pop-in in case you, like my mother when I haven’t posted on facebook in a day or two, were worried about my well-being.

I finished the second blanket the other day. I’ve decided that being kite-shaped is a design feature and I’m not going to worry about their lack of squareness.

Having finished the blankets, I am now free to go back to work on my sweater. I figured out how to knit both at the same time using magic loop thanks to a tutorial on youtube (that merely confirmed that the solution I had come up with was, in fact, correct) (google “two at a time cuff down”). So while I’m knitting a single sock on a 40″ needle, I’m knitting two sleeves on a 32″. Or maybe a 26″. It’s a little…tight. But it’s working.

Now if I can just stop myself from playing minesweeper for long enough to pick up the needles, I’ll be on my way.


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