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Overcoming start-itis

I believe I mentioned (but am too lazy to find the exact post and link to it) that my vacation left me with a bad case of start-itis. Then the attempt to reorganize/move my crafting things to the newly separate craft room just exacerbated it.

I’m sure that many of you understand the perils of start-itis. (And when you combine start-itis with the character flaw I have of needing instant gratification, it just makes it that much worse.)

Now, I am by no means a clinical expert on start-itis. (And to quote my mother, who really ought to have listened to herself say this, “if you’re not an expert, you should shut up.”)

But I am going to tell you how I am approaching this serious illness.

1. Deep breaths. Cuz you know, deep breaths solve all of the world’s problems.

2. Ignoring all of the knitting projects that I have  on the needles.

3. Casting on a new project.

Yes, that’s what I said.

On the needles right now I have three big projects, two of which are really in their infancy and the other which needs some concentration. Also a scarf that continues to be fun to knit but was more exciting at the beginning when I could see my progress! It grew! Rapidly! Now it’s just a scarf in the middle of being knit, and an inch or two or three isn’t readily apparent.

But it was very exciting! to finish my multnomah in the span of two weeks (setting aside the little glitch at the end where I didn’t have enough yarn and had to wait for a bit more to arrive, have I told you recently how much I love Michele?). So I took my 220 yards of a delightfully soft merino-silk blend from Knitted Wit (have I told you recently how much I love Lorajean?) and cast on for a cowl.

It should be a quick knit, right? It will meet my need to Start. Everything. Now. as well as to Finish. Everything. Now. (well, not everything) and hopefully get me over this hump. But I better knit fast before my July yarn arrives!


2 thoughts on “Overcoming start-itis

  1. My June yarn is still awaiting inspiration! But I’m not in a hurry. Looking forward to seeing July. And I’m glad your spit-splice worked! No extra ends to weave in!

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