Vacation knitting

Two weeks ago tomorrow, I found my seat on my flight, took out my yarn and my needles, and cast on eleven stitches for my first triangular shawl, the Multnomah.

After two days of no knitting at all (Shabbat), ripping back the first 20 or so rows of the lace pattern (which took three attempts, as I started out trying just to rip two of the lace repeats, a big fail), and a few days where I paid a lot extra to view the scenery so I felt I shouldn’t knit, I’m making good progress towards the finish line. (Where the finish line is defined as running out of yarn. Although I was at a yarn store this morning, I didn’t weigh my diminishing ball of yarn to see how much is actually left.)

HELP REQUEST: I’m a tight binder-off-er. What’s your favorite loose or stretchy bind-off?

My multnomah went whale watching with me:

I promise! That big blurry spot in the corner of the picture is my knitting!

It also went on a seaplane with me. I did not, however, do any actual knitting on the seaplane.



3 thoughts on “Vacation knitting

  1. Suspended bind-off. Knit two stitches, slip back onto left needle, k2tog (I usually do it through the back loop, more of a one-step process), *k1, slip both stitches back to left needle, k2tog, continue. I sure do hope it’s stretchy enough, I just bound off a sock (last night) and a Really Big Shawl (today) using it 🙂

    • Thanks Shari! This looks rather involved, but I suppose that after about 4 stitches it will be second nature! Do you prefer this to a sewn bind-off?

      • Way easier than a sewn bind-off (which used to be my sock finish of choice), since you’re just working with the two stitches in front of you with the yarn still attached to the ball… none of the “uh, how long should I make this tail in order to have enough to get it done but not soooo much that I’m doing the backstroke with each stitch” mess.

        I really should get that RBS blocked. Well, I haven’t yet blocked any of the shawls I’ve made in the last six months, why should this one be different :/

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