Vacation planning

I know I’m not supposed to be putting out there for the whole world to see that I’m going on vacation.

1. I don’t think I’ve told you when I’m going.

2. I don’t blog with enough regularity for my absence from the blog to indicate anything.

3. I live in an apartment. We have someone at the front desk at all times. Some of the front desk people actually care who belongs in the building.

Now that we’ve gotten out of the way all the reasons why I can talk about my future vacation here:

a. The first half of the vacation is an Alaska cruise. Ports are Juneau, Skagway, and Ketchikan. Any knitty or crafty visits I should make in any of those places?

b. The second half of the vacation is in Seattle. I’m planning to go to Bainbridge Island for a while and stop at Churchmouse Yarns and Teas–I can go any day Monday through Wednesday, any recommendations for best day? Do any of you live in Seattle? Or want to make a roadtrip in the middle of the week from Portland? (I’m not renting a car or I’d be in Portland in a flash.)

c. Should I take one of those days (it would have to be Tuesday or Wednesday because I have big plans for cheap sushi on Monday) and go to Vancouver? (Um, yes, I realize that it is irrational that I would take a day to go to Vancouver and not take a day to go to Portland.)



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